With her authentic, rebellious and playful personality and her @curvycurlyconscious movement, Shelah Marie engages an online community of over a quarter million people and is a sought-after speaker.


Why choose Shelah to speak at your next event?

With her authentic, rebellious and playful personality and her @curvycurlyconscious movement, Shelah Marie engages an online community of over a quarter million people. Her mission is to create a movement of total self-love and liberation for women of color. She’s the creator of the Curvy, Curly, Conscious movement, where “self help” meets “real talk” and has been featured in NBC, Fox5, Luxe Radar, Black Girl In Om, and Live Civil by Karen Civil among others. Through her platform, she has hosted signature Curvy, Curly, Conscious sold-out events and retreats across the US, Canada and Jamaica. Prior to Curvy, Curly, Conscious, Shelah led her signature workshop named The Sustainable Theater Workshop to entities such as The United Nations, The United States Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, The RuJohn Foundation, and The African Burial Ground National Monument.


“The energy I carry today is so much lighter than the heaviness of fear, anxiety, doubt, and worry I carried before the event. I feel relieved and so accepting of my own thoughts and desires now. I feel that I can change the way I think and in exchange change the little world around me. Thank you, Shelah” — Ashley Johnson


A Sampling of Shelah’s presentations include: 


Self-Love and Self-CarE


Shelah can break down her unique perspective on self-love and how she has learned to make peace in her own life. She can share insights on coping with depression, severe anxiety, and toxic family cycles -- especially as they relate to women of color. Shelah connects very authentically to women, in particular women of color, who she refers to as “first generation healers.” She speaks candidly and honestly about her story, which opens up space for more connection. Shelah can also advise practical, simple tips for how women can practice more self-care in their own lives.




Shelah brings meditation down to a practical level and presents it in a way millennial women can grasp. Shelah is passionate about adding her unique voice as a young woman of color to the modern conversation and meditation and wellness. In support of this, she recorded her own Meditation Mixtape, which has garnered over 100,000 streams across all streaming platforms. Shelah has used meditation to rewire her internal dialogue, invite more peace into her life and to get clarity on what exactly she desires in life -- and how to create it. Shelah can also teach simple breathing techniques for centering energy and managing anxiety.


Love and Intimate Relationships


Shelah values relationships and the depth they bring to our world and believes through relationships we can learn so much about ourselves because that will always be the most important relationship. When discussing love and relationships, Shelah focuses on dissecting how beneficial self-love and self-appreciation are for our outside relationships. She also explains how honoring the relationship with yourself first and foremost allows anyone to cultivate beautiful relationships with others.


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