Soul Study with Shelah -- It Starts With You

Soul Study with Shelah -- It Starts With You


We study everything. We study in school, we study in our careers, we study everything except how to be healthy human being. Enter Soul Study, the missing course, where we learn how to love ourselves better and promote growth and healing in ourselves and others. 


A four-week long private online course via YouTube Live that provides an in-depth exploration of how to use meditation and other practices to enhance your future and heal your past.

Each hour-long session will involve a topic-driven discussion, a meditation and a Q&A portion.

Course includes:

  • a private community to share and learn

  • a customized mediation playlist

  • direct, written feedback from Shelah Marie

  • specific references for continued exploration

  • one live session with master healer,

  • all sessions will be available for replaying for 30 days

  • Session Dates: August 10, 17, 24, and 31st 2016 at 6pm EST

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