Write. Act. Repeat.


I've heard it called "authorial acting" once which sounds legit to me. It's basically working as an author and an actor at the same time (author-actor, authorial acting). I think that sounds about right. The process for my latest play, Flight 2013, has been just like that. Write. Talk about it. Try some things on our feet. Re-write. Repeat. I know by now that my strength as a writer is in cooperating other's voices. I like to hear how people naturally say things, I like to hear how people disagree with what I wrote, and how I can incorporate the performance in the text -- it all makes the final product that much more interesting.

I'm also looking forward to embellishing the piece with dance and song as both actresses are amazingly talented in these areas. Mo is a really talented dancer and LaChrisa's voice is ah-may-zing. So Mo helps us all learn dance, phrases, LaChrisa teaches us bits of song and we all keep a directorial eye out since we're essentially doing this piece without a director in the traditional sense.

One month til the show! Woo!