Who is that and what is her name?

Sometimes I teach drama to children. Sometimes I am washing dishes or sweeping the set before a show. And sometimes I’m in a hot lil get up on somebody’s car. There are undoubtedly many sides to Shelah Marie. You got the Shelah Marie, whose personality can best be seen in the homepage photo. She’s goofy, sometimes corny, likes to watch documentaries in foreign languages, and uses twitter from her laptop because she doesn’t have internet on her phone. And then you have the Shelah Marie in this photo shoot. During a shoot or performance, I sometimes feel like I am a voyeur, outside of myself looking on. It’s like being a tunnel and you can’t do anything but continue going forward towards the light. I’m focused, man! (meant to be read in your best Jay-Z voice). So when I look at the footage, or in this case, the prints I’m like, who is that? It can’t be the same girl who just really likes to play The Sims 3 for hours.

But I kind of like this yin and yang thing because I wouldn’t want to be sexpot at the workplace work or vice versa. I do think balance is an integral part of life and having a successful career in the industry. At least for myself, because I am not “Shelah Marie,” that persona is a part of me but being a model, actress, etc. does not MAKE me. What makes me is my ability to express myself artistically – truthfully and without censorship. Now, if you take that from me I’m swangin! Yes, I said “swangin.”

Now, if only I can find a name for her. Kind of like Sasha Fierce a la Beyonce. Any suggestions?