Update 9 -- Sustainable Theater Workshop -- Visiting schools.

[vimeo 46796199 w=500 h=281] Update 8 -- Visiting some schools - Medium from Shelah Marie on Vimeo.

We visited L'Ecole De Choix in Mirebalais. It's pretty revolutionary what they are doing. It's a tri-lingual school that targets the poorest kids in the area. The give them healthcare, food, uniforms and a very solid education. In the summer they have language learning programming for adults. Watch the video for a one-on-one tour of the school.

Check out the school's awesome mission:

L’École de Choix is anchored by the principle that a quality education provides individuals with the fundamental tools to affirm individual dignity through the choices they make. Choice and autonomy grant us our dignity; and it is that dignity that assures each of us the very heart of our humanity.

I'm so glad I got to see this kind of school with my own eyes.

On another note...

I haven't really addressed how I've dealt with this journey thus far emotionally. No time's better than now. The night before I was so nervous I could barely think, I even considered not going. I really considered returning people's money and not going. I was that scared. How am I going to live? No internet? No phone? Bring my own toilet paper? Three weeks is a long time, Shelah.

When I first arrived to PAP I was pretty much impressed that I made it all by myself, but then I started to feel lonely -- really lonely. I'm with a group that mostly all knows each other already, and they have intimate knowledge of Haiti and educational systems, etc and I feel like just a lowly teacher-artist-thingy. Which is stupid to think, but it's the truth. I may be the only adult here without a PhD. I've only been here five days, so I know I have to give myself time, but I won't lie -- this is not easy. And I haven't even made it to the countryside yet. I 'm very lucky to be with a group that's so accommodating and takes us all around to see different things, but I still miss the comforts of my life ya know?

We will see how it progress, I'm optimistic mostly.

Trying to make the most of this experience.