Update 7 -- Sustainable Theater Workshop -- I made it!

After missing my flight, which turned out to be anti-climactic as all I had to do was get on the next flight out, I decided I was going to have to go with the flow here. So, I bought some coffee and used the airport Internet connection to do some last minute work. My flight was uneventful. I had some Dr. Pepper and a surprise bomb-ass little snack pack on the flight.

The tensest moment thus far was the moment after I passed customs and immigration and walked into the wide-open Port Au Prince air. I was trying to play it cool and watch what other travelers were doing, but I was bombarded by voices and people and I couldn’t tell what was what. Some of the guys had uniforms on that made them appear official, but for some reason I felt a little cautious about their affiliation.

One guy in a red collared shirt approached me and asked me in Creole, “Can I help you?” I told him I don’t speak much Creole but that I’m okay and that I didn’t need help. Long story short he proved to be very helpful in using his phone to call my ride to see where they were waiting for me.

I entered the extended cabin pick up trip, driven by a smiley dude named Alex, and we headed to get some lunch. We killed some time until returning back to PAP to pick up Blondel’s wife and some other visitors. That night we drove to Mirebalais, a small town about one-hour from Port Au Prince.

We stayed the night at a cultural center that Blondel and his wife are affiliated with. We drove up as church was in session, facilitated by a loud-speaker-toting preacher. The beautiful mural struck me as we walked up. It made me even more excited and anxious to get to San Rafael and finally meet my students and see where I would be working.

There was a lovely hostess, Natalie, who made us food and took care of the domestic duties of the home. I’m told this is luxury and not to get used to this, because things are quite different in San Rafael. I’ll keep you posted on that.

What I’m learning most right now is being comfortable with not knowing (and being in control of) what comes next.

Ta ta for now, Shelah