Theater work, thesis and other fun stuff.

OK, I'm slakcin' on my pimpin. Here's a quick update for the past few weeks. Last time we spoke I was in the midst of some serious momentum. HOLLER! Let's recap.

1. Applications.

I applied for this and got it! We are in the fourth week of work-shopping now and it's great. For the past three weeks, a group of about 17 artists/activists meet every Saturday morning to explore our own artistic/political endeavors as well as collective ones. Led by George Emilio Sánchez, we've been mainly engaging with Boalian activities(Sanchez worked with Augusto Boal for years) and getting to know each other.

For the final show at LaMaMa in June, I plan on doing a tiny, re-performance in the spirit of Be Black Baby. STOKED. I want to develop this piece in to a larger, more elaborate environmental theater piece over the next two years in NYC.

Also, I am applying for my first real people job today. Yay. The position was gently placed into my universe by God. I know it.

2. Theater work with youth.

I've blogged several times about my interest in using theatrical techniques in my work with with children that doesn't facilitate bruised egos, stardom and produce anxiety riddled situations where you are yelling at a five-year old,


Not up my alley at all.

The research for my thesis culminated in a 30-page essay detailing the process, the content and the implementation of a five-week workshop with about thirteen homeless Brooklyn-based youth. The focus of the workshop was how to use hybrid theatrical techniques and play as a way to deconstruct racialized narratives. I cannot show the student's faces or reveal their names, but I have a short clip of some of the amazing material they created in the workshop.

Basically doing very serious self-reflexive work by playing. Yay! Through the research to create the workshop, I ran into this agency, and participated in a short residency with them. Here's a peak into the process.

3. Graduation

Oh yeah, I'm graduating from Tisch next week!