"the wall: a story of the land"

1242 Pacific Productions back at it again! Check out this really great article about the upcoming production of the wall: a story of the land, that I'll be starring in this June. My favorite quote from the article:

The thing about Ghoussaini is that she understands that as an artist who also identifies as an activist, the scope of work that addresses both of these interests is slim. She understands that as a free thinker and a creator, she will have to step out on a limb and churn out her own vision. Yes, she is a theatre artist. And yes, she’s making really important work.

This play is particularly fun for me because I get to play the dual roles of a middle-aged male general and a elderly grandmother. Bustin' out my for-real, for-real acting chops on this one!

I love female artists who make it happen.