The "Post-it Process"

I've recently been studying some of Dallas Travers (self-proclaimed "Actor's Advocate") techniques for marketing and business for actors. Her stuff isn't for everyone, but I appreciate the demystification of being successful as an actor. Take what you like, leave what you don't.

I went wild and made a 6-week goal for myself:

to book a lead paying role in a feature film that premiers at Sundance

That shit cray, right? Instead of just dreaming of the idea, I've really taken her advice to systematically and consistently take decisive steps to make this dream become real.

What I've done this far

  • created a target list of casting directors, producers and filmmakers who won awards at major film festivals last year and who are doing the type of work I admire and respect.
  • completed the post-it process (see video)
  • got new headshots (I'll post them as soon as I get more proofs)
  • created affirmations (that I change every week or so depending on how I feel) and I say them all the freakin' time
  • signed up for my FIRST EVER Casting Director Workshop with a CD on my target list.
  • Emailed two people on my target list and asked them for a ten-minute phone call (HOLY SHIZ)
  • organized my email to be more efficient
  • set up Google alerts for everyone on my target list
  • went Pro on IMDB
  • created an account with Actors Connection and Casting About

I still have three more weeks to go so I am looking forward to seeing what happens. Less important is if I actually reach my goal in 6 weeks, more important is that I try.

Here's my video on the Post-it Process: