Update Three -- Sustainable Theater Workshop

Today marks the halfway mark in the fundraising campaign for The Sustainable Theater Program! It's been pretty surreal to see how much people really believe in the project.

Where we are now:

The IndieGoGo campaign just reached $1,817! Did you hear that? That’s me screaming like a toddler with excitement.

I am talking with Pearl Art Supplies and some friends at the corporate offices of Mitsubishi about material donations like paper, paint, notebooks etc. If you feel inclined to make material donations please contact me.

I've been compiling feedback from educators with expertise in the type of work I'm doing, which will play an integral part in the curriculum development.

What next?

I imagine that this small workshop project can grow from a one-time program, to a satellite program that can be repeated and expanded to reach other students in areas that lack sufficient arts programming.

I also would like the work the kids write to be archived in the body of modern theater. In many ways, people respect written word more than they do the idea of a performance. Getting this work published as a playscript that can be read and re-performed as a way of creating the theater world I want to see.

There’s still 13 days left to meet the financial goal. If you are even half as excited as I am about this project, tell a friend.

Also, I've added some photos of the students and the Lakou Culutral Center. This is where I will be teaching the program this summer. I am so excited to supplement some of the artistic projects they've been for the past two summers.

With Love & Gratitude, Shelah