Dear Edwina Jr. Success!

The production of Dear Edwina Jr. went of fabulously! We had a couple moments of children not in the light, sound glitches and an entire song sung off beat but none of that really matters at the end of the day does it? We sold out an auditorium of over 200 people and all seemed to love the performance. There were many "aww" moments in the show but the scene stealer award goes to Didi M. for his rendition of "Edwina." You had to be there. Unfortunately, we don't have rights to videotape the show so I can only tell you it was quite the treat. Mothers, grandmothers and little girls alike were all swooning over him by the end of his song.

I am proud off the children and am happy to see everyone's hard work pay off. My pursuits in children's theater have come to a pause for now but I'm sure another teaching gig is just around the riverbend. Sorry, I like Disney songs.