Smith and Wollensky Photo Shoot

I finally got the brochures from a corporate photo shoot I did in August 2009. The shoot was for a Miami Beach Steakhouse called Smith & Wollensky’s. Safe to say it was one of the best shoots I have been on to date. The production crew was professional and kind, kudos again to Seiter & Miller Advertising, Inc. for treating its talent so well. Most of the actors there were drama free -- although, some were getting a little, or a lot drunk during the course of the shoot. I think one guy was even trying to discretely, failing horribly might I add, to sneak himself in front of the camera each time they changed shots to ensure he made the final cut. I don’t think he made the final draft. Nonetheless, eating gourmet foods like fresh lobster, filet mignon and drinking fine wines all day certainly suffices as a great job description to me. Yes, please!

The hardest part of it all was first, trying to consume food in a manner proper to be photographed in, which is like climbing Mt. Everest for me because I like to eat. Not like a girl on her first date, but more like a college kid at a free buffet. The second challenge was to keep up with all the food they were serving. Yea, I know I just said I wasn’t eating a lot but after 5 hours of straight nibbling it adds up.

Ok, I promise I will never complain about eating free food again. Blasphemy.

Now, let me add how I will most likely never be able to afford a restaurant as lovely as this – but I am perfectly fine with Red Lobster. I happen to enjoy the never ending cheddar biscuits. Hmpf.