Scene study and scene writing

Things in my life always seem to have a weird way of tying together. Through my collaborator Noelle Ghoussaini I heard of  Arian Moayed's scene study class. It was a really unique experience because I'm not really acclimated to the traditional theater scene in NYC. I am heavily involved in the teaching artist world and in the devised, experimental, performance art scene -- but in terms of different acting techniques, I'm still fairly new. This class served as a perfect bridge from where I am and where I want to be. Arian is amazing, he's personable and down to earth but has a shit ton of professional credits in film, tv and theater in NYC. He's also shooting first feature. Yeah, that's where I wanna head.
I want to stay true to my curious nature in theater, but I am also very pointedly trying to make a career (read: pay bills sometimes) with this.  This is not a hobby. So I learned valuable advice about making honest and fearless choices in acting, but I also learned a little more about the habits of a highly successful artist.
Speaking of, I finished writing my second play, Flight 2013 and am in rehearsals to perform the play on February 25th at The University of Northern Iowa. It's a satirical piece inspired by the "Git on Board" segment of George C. Wolfe's The Colored Museum. The concept is a boutique travel agency that specializes in Black Historic travel excursions that bring the audience to different moments in Black American history.


It's the right passage, for your rites of passage.

Until next time,