The Road to NYU: Drama Therapy Callback

*This is entry one in The Road to NYU series. Just short entries about my the steps I've taken in moving to New York and attending New York University. If you want more check out entry two titled "Drama Therapy Audition"

I just received an email that I’ve been invited to NYU for an audition/interview for their Master’s program in Drama Therapy. I didn’t know they did they type of stuff through email. That kind of caught me off guard. People must have thought I was insane because I looked at my Blackberry and immediately started squealing jumping up and down like a three year-old.

I know your next question is most likely “what is Drama Therapy,” as it is a fairly new field of psychology. Boiled down, it is the use of theatrical techniques for therapeutic purposes to improve the clients' cognitive, behavioral and spiritual health.

There are three accredited Master’s Degree programs in the United States: NYU, CIIS, and Concordia University.

I only applied to NYU, it seems like the right fit for me as an artist, a student and as an individual. I never really thought I could get into a school like NYU so for me, applying was just a shot in the dark. So I am very excited at getting called for an interview.

I came across the field of DT by accident, most of the meaningful and worthwhile theatrical projects I’ve worked on have all been of this nature. Working at Florida State with The Black Actor’s Guild showed me that

sometimes the process is more important than the product.

I do this for the love of it. For the innate therapeutic nature of theater, self-discovery and human connection.

Thus, I have about one month to book a flight and prepare for an interview. They say not to prepare to just be prepared for “physical work” and to “be yourself.” We’ll see.

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