Review: "Brothers and Sisters and Motherfuckers"

Brothers and Sisters and Motherfuckers.

What a title, huh? Wednesday night was a very special night for me as I got to see one of my professors from Tisch live in action. It was a unique experience to have had Ms. Jibz Cameron for an entire semester grooming me for my own work, and then turning around and seeing her own self-derived performance.

In her class titled, Persona: Performing Yourself, she coached students in creating original performance pieces from the material around and inside of you (that sentence sounds more gross than I meant it to). Anyhoo, it was invaluable to be forced to write, perform and repeat. Never underestimate the value of work-shopping.

She is a beautiful person, despite whatever disturbing personae she may display in her shows (like one who says "that's tots cool" and "LOLZ" and "that's aws") and it's a very inspirational moment for me to see that you can carve out way for yourself in this crazy city. Dynasty Handbags, as she is called in the Performance Art world, is sight to see. In her latest "Holiday Special" she performs her version of a holiday dinner with her family which involves soy hot dogs, a vacuum and a phantom grandmother.

Dynasty Handbags brilliantly oscillates between playing the role of "herself," her two sisters, her brother, her mother and dead grandmother -- who (except G-ma are all played through video screens).

The marriage of her wild, no-rules live performance juxtaposed with the flatness of  the video screens makes for a very eerie, yet enjoyable experience.

She still has a few shows. Get your ass down there and see why I am totally in love with her. More info aqui .