"ordinary affects" at The Harlem Arts Festival

I'm all about working with new people on short projects -- which is why I casted new actors (mostly) for this summer's productions of oridnary affects at The Harlem Arts Festival. It's also why we only rehearsed for 2 1/2 weeks. Yep.

And it was amazing. I wanted this process to be very laid back and rewarding for the cast. That was my main concern, not the final show, although that's important -- but what really mattered to me was giving everyone a feeling of success.

On June 30th oridnary affects went up at HAF and we were all surprised at what happeend. It was 5pm on a schorching Summer Saturday in NYC at Marcus Garvey Park. People were grazing around, not really staying to watch an entire performance on the Second Stage (the smaller stage at the festival). But for our ten-minute performance we had a nice sized crowd that respectuflly and attentively watched the whole play.

So lovely.

And the actors KILLED IT! Marisa directed the hell out of the play!

Now, on to the next one.

Until next time,