One Week Later...

Disclaimer: I'm usually not this corny. I promise.

What I've done since last week Sunday 7pm…

  • Answered a variation of the questions from Pamela Slim's blog about entrepreneurship and self-employment. Someone graciously helped me out a whole bunch with this part.

What's my ideal life?

  • My ideal life is a peculiar combination of artistic notoriety and the freedom of being a nobody.

Where do I want to live?

  • For now, I'd like to live in a brownstone apartment that has a small garden and where I have my own bedroom/bathroom.
  • I have two roommates who are warm, caring, clean and creative. I feel comfortable with them.
  • My house is cozy without being cramped and I can commute to the city in 30 minutes.
  • I live within 3 blocks of the subway.
  • My rent is under $900 per month.

What does my work life look like?

  • I work 3-5 hours per week from home creating lesson plans and preparations for my clients and directing projects. I work in a quiet place, usually alone and in front of a computer or notepad.
  • I work 15 hours per week coaching private or group clients in creative dramatics at a rehearsal space or their homes.
  • I work 20 hours per week directing or performing in creative works (on stage, film and other various mediums). For my directing projects, I work experimentally with a solid group of performers who trust me and each other.
  • Once or twice I year I travel domestically or abroad to perform in festivals or workshops. Sometimes I bring my family along, other times I go alone.
  • I perform ongoing research on various experimental, socially-inclined performances.

My home life?

  • I am in a committed partnership with a loving, caring man.
  • We have children (no more than three, or God help me).
  • I take my children to creative courses twice a week.
  • Sometimes I pick my children up in the middle of the day and take them to the beach (which is not more than 35 minutes from my house).
  • My children are in an alternative, non-traditional school setting where they are valued, challenged and nurtured.
  • In a "normal" day  my children go to school at around 8am. After that, I do some planning or other preparation until I have to meet with clients. At around 3pm, me (or my spouse) picks the child(ren) up from school. If I have rehearsal, I spend time with them doing homework or relaxing until I leave to leave. End of day.

What does my exercise life look like?

  • I have a personal trainer that trains me for one hour-long sessions, three times per week.
  • I attend one dance/group fitness class per week (apx. 1 hour long).
  • I get exercise performing as my work is many times movement-based, physical theater.

What does my financial situation look like?

Disclaimer Part Deux: I know nothing about "normal" people's finances, and I don't care. I just dreamed this section up.

  • I generally earn $100,000 per year.
  • I have a travel fund of $10,000.
  • I have $20,000 in my savings account.
  • I have $20,000 in my retirement account.

What does my spare time look like?

  • In my spare time I do things that make me uncomfortable like the following:
  • Nude figure modeling.
  • Creating/writing/directing works that will ultimately upsets groups of people.
  • Travel to places where nobody knows me.
  • In my spare time I will also do things that make me very comfortable like the following:
  • Creating/writing/directing works that will ultimately upsets groups of people.
  • Creating/writing/directing works that will resonate with and touch people.
  • See performances.
  • Go to galleries.
  • Take my children on adventures.
  • Fine dining.
  • Shop.
  • Go to the nude beach.

What skills need to be acquired or actions made in order to attain the aforementioned lifestyle?

  • I need to become more financially literate.
  • I need to become more acquainted with running a small business.
  • I need to earn at least $1,500 per month to get a new apartment.
  • I need to obtain enough clients to coach at least 10 hours per week.
  • I need to direct more.
  • I need to find a partner that shares my familial values, life view and alternative (is it?) lifestyle. #GoodLuckWithThat (I kid, I kid)
  • I need to earn enough money on my own so I never have the pressure to work a "regular" job again.
  • I need to flesh out the particular set of dramatic skills or techniques that will become the foundation of my coaching.
  • I need to become acquainted with a system to manage personal and business finances.
  • I need to hire a personal trainer.
  • I need to continue with my current research and artistic experiments.

Questions specifically about my future business:

Who is your ideal client?

  • My ideal client is the parent of a teen/tween who values the arts and creative expression. They are people who respect an artists work and process. They are caring, involved parents that want to raise well-rounded and dynamic children. They have an open, flexible worldview.

Where should I send people who are interested in learning more about you?

My website/blog.

Who would you really like to meet?

  • Nicki Minaj
  • Ann Bogart
  • Robert Lepage
  • Katie Mitchell
  • Natalie Portman
  • Darren Arnofsky
  • Spike Lee
  • Ingmar Bergman
  • Michael Haneke
  • Bill T. Jones
  • Pina Bausch
  • Marina Abramovich

Which media would you love to cover your business?

  • BBC
  • IFC
  • HBO Documentaries
  • OWN


  • I have two meetings with professors this week to discuss recommendation letters for the opportunities (this and this) I mentioned last week.
  • I have a meeting to workshop my essays and application materials with a friend (a visiting scholar from Poland). She's super cool and super smart.

  • Had my first rehearsal with experimental performance group newFangled theatReR. Our first rehearsal involved various movement, ensemble exercises and working scenes from Artistic Director Johnmicheal's original play about the shitty state of the New York public school system.

Until next time...