On-camera audition class!

Keeping in line with my goal of scoring a juicy lead role in an indie film I've started taking an on-camera workshop with former Telsey & Co casting director, Heidi Marshall. I received rave reviews about her from a few of my coworkers and I looked her up and she sounded great. She was also very friendly and warm in my interactions with her on twitter, which can tell you a lot about a person. Especially a casting director who can often times be strictly professional and cold with actors. I win the award for most awkward slate ever.

In our first class today she gave us a basic rundown on how casting works in NYC. And a really thorough "day-in-the-life" of a casting director. I found this to be particularly helpful because knowing how casting directors move through their day equips me with the knowledge of how I can put myself in the best position to be casted. We then had mock auditions where we read scenes we prepared before class. I read a acne from Revolutionary Road (April is basically my dream role). We all took notes on each other's auditions. Here are a few from mine:

Some were good, like these: Very engaged and invested in character. Confident start. Good looking. You look like your headshot. Totally believable and vulnerable. Riveting.

And my favorite positive remark: "Camera kisses her."

Some were more critical: Delivery: little lost. Wanted to see her intense and look at the reader. Seemed a little awkward in your slate. DO NOT SPEAK TO CAMERA!