Makin' Somethin' Outta Nothin'

My first ever Video-Blog thingie.

Here are a few links to things I mentioned in the video.

Bed-Stuy, an area of Brooklyn, New York. If you ask many people who don't know the area they give Bed-Stuy a bad rap, but it's a large area so some of it's better and some of it's worse. My opinion is still forming, but from what I see, I love it.

Anna Deavere Smith.

Her film/TV credits.


What I admire most about her work is that it is original, truthful and born out of social events. She has created a lifetime of opportunities and work for herself. The paparazzi may not be following her around the supermarket, but she's been on Broadway, she's had a career in television and film, she writes, she directs, she creates. That is what I'm talking about -- creation. The work I want to do may not be out there waiting, Smith embodies the energy and honest desire one needs to make work that transcends space, time and the popular.

I don't want to be "famous," I don't want to be the next "Halle Berry." I just want to make my own way in an ethical manner and earn a living doing it.

For any aspiring,working, successful or struggling artist I recommend her book -- very valuable advice.

I also recommend checking out my friend's docu-series in progress which aims to deconstruct the stereotype of the "struggling artist." Being an artist CAN make you a good living. You just have to create it.

So wish me luck, I interview with her on Tuesday and I hope I don't faint.