Heller there!

Hello World, I guess this is my formal introduction to you. Well, my name is Shelah, I am currently 23, recently graduated, and broke. Wait, it gets better...I am an aspiring actress. Maybe just 'actress' is better because I already consider myself one, although in reality, there is a long journey from one title to the latter. I have been seriously chasing this dream, if you will, for about 5 years now and I have always wanted to write about it. Why? Who knows? I am not sure if anyone is interested in what this random-impractical-silly girl from Florida has to say about acting or life, but I thought I would try because you never know how your words affect another person. But I must warn you, my grammar skills need work -- life was hard in elementary school -- so please, bear with me. Feel free to send me a gentle message with some tips if you feel inclined. I love the help. Ok, back to blogging.