A Dollar and a Dream...

Friends of mine have asked how they can contribute to my grad school fund and until this point, I've ignored them. I feel like my transition to New York for this opportunity represents the work I've been putting in over the past seven years to develop myself as an artist and as an individual. As many you, I wasn't born into wealth and my family has sacrificed a lot for me to enjoy the education that I received up to this point. I've traveled abroad, attended one of Florida's best schools for theater, and built relationships with some of the most amazing people you could ever imagine. With that being said, grad school isn't free. I'm not going on a full scholarship. I'll be paying my way through school and I've accepted the fact that taking on this debt will be worth it. So I'm swallowing my pride and will graciously accept donations via PayPal for those if you who believe in me to the point that you're willing to invest your hard-earned money in my dream. Your money won't go toward a foundation or a person you've never heard of.

It'll go to me.

I'll be making ends meet with it. Buying meals, paying rent, and enjoying the occasional show in the city. You're not financing my desire to party every weekend or live the lavish life. You're investing in a dream. The dream of a mixed girl from Hollywood, Florida who refuses to accept the status quo. Someone who gets scared and angry and upset just like you. Someone who doesn't have all the answers, but knows enough to ask questions.

Here's the link to donate via PayPal. Thanks for believing in me.