Flight 2013. Prepare for departure.

The time is almost here! Samora Suber, LaChrisa Brown and I leave for Iowa in less than one week! Argh! We've been in rehearsal non-stop trying to polish the production and I'm very proud of what we've done. We want to provide an active experience with Black history in a way that a traditional style of theater wouldn't allow. A theme in all my work is how to create a bond between spectator and actor, and how can that bond can be used to extend the theater going experience. There's media, live singing and lots of audience participation. I can't lie though, I'm terrified! I've been informed there will be almost 200 people at our show and that kind of pressure makes one a little scare. Mama I hope they like me! :) I'll keep you posted. Check out our image below!

flight pic

Until next time, Shelah Xoxo