The Performance of Practice: Dance at DNA

One day at the end of class I heard Sasha say, “Now would be the time to let me know if you’d like to audition.”

“Audition for what”, I thought?

Without knowing  fully what I was getting myself into, I told Sasha that I would like to audition and a few days later I was a member of The Performance Project at Dance New Amsterdam.  It’s a collaborative dance project where you work with a group of dancers under the direction of a certain chorographer, and for the beginning modern dancers it’s Sasha Soreff. She has an amazing way of identifying weak points in an unsure dancer like me, and coaching without discouraging.

Because surely I can discourage myself. I remember one rehearsal during our first week and we were rehearsing and I couldn’t remember where I was supposed to be or any of the choreography I was taught. I was so humiliated that I almost cried. Or worse. I almost walked out and told myself, “you’re just not a good enough dancer.”

The resistance was strong.

But thankfully I stayed, and I realized that it makes no sense to be jealous of or intimidated by dancers that are better than I am – if they are in the studio rehearsing more than I am. Yeah, some are just naturally gifted, but most are good because they practice, practice, and practice some more.

I think my favorite part of the process has been seeing the fruits of my own practice. Dancing has actually helped me become a more focused actress as well. As my favorite dance partner in crime Sheila tells me, "I couldn’t give a care less about an audience, I just wanna get out there an move." She also has a stellar collection of cat shirts.



Sheila & Shelah

We'll be performing November 1-3

THUR-FRI at 7:30pm, SAT at 3:00pm and 7:30pm.

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My favorite song from our piece. So beautiful.