Dear Edwina Jr. Update

We have reached a critical point in our rehearsal, we are three weeks away from show time. Only the strong will survive. Every rehearsal I lose at least 3 bodies, this one’s in tears mumbling inaudibly about something but all I can pay attention to is the dull pain in my brain, that one’s having an asthma attack (so dramatic) and another’s complaining about having to go potty (do you think professional actors go to the “potty”? No, they don’t. You want to be an actor don’t you? Good. HOLD IT.)The hard part about directing children’s theater is that you have to give the kids bathroom breaks and water and other essentials when you really just want to run the scene again. The kids have actually pulled together quite nicely despite their weaknesses. I am getting very excited for the show, seeing all the costumes and set come together. Time flies, I can remember first picking up the script DEAR EDWINA, Jr., a play about a girl wanting her parent’s affection and….good manners. Not the most exciting plot, huh? But the kids have really taken on the roles and made them come alive. It sounds cliché but they really did. They’ve managed to memorize lines, blocking and choreography as well as adding their own characterization and get this – the youngest is FIVE! Take that child labor laws!

When this is all over I’m going to miss the screeching, tummy aches, the constant stream of “Miss Shelah’s” and being involved in a project I really love.

Check out the madness yourself! [youtube]

More about the program:

Dear Edwina, Jr. February 10, 2010 at 7 pm Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center 1770 Monroe Street Hollywood, FL 3302