Booking a film off Instagram?


I've radically changed up my social networking behaviors because I realized that I've been routinely underestimating how much these outlets can actually effect your career. "Oh, it's just Facebook." Not really, behind the Facebook accounts are real people and they actually do want to connect, if they didn't stuff like FB just wouldn't be around. So I've made it a point to be strategic with my activity on these sites. It's been a great experience, anytime I see a film I like or an actress or a director I look them up and see if we can connect in a genuine way. I mean, people hire their friends, right? So I figure all I have to do is make friends. And not in some cheesy networking kind of way -- but why couldn't these successful people that admire want to be friends with me too? Maybe we won't connect, and if that's the case then that's fine -- but I at least make it a habit to make my circle comprised of people who are living the lives I wanna lead.

Anky IGWith all that said I saw that one of my friends, a really talented director and writer named Anky, was casting for a film I immediately jumped on the chance to audition. And later that day I auditioned and BAM! Lead role in an indie film going to the festival circuit.

Did I that this is one of my exact (I mean word for word) goals for 2013?