The Long Hallway

I’d never written what I considered to be a “play” before now. I never called myself a playwright or a writer. Hell, even after college, I still have trouble with simple syntax and grammar rules. I’d composed scenes, monologues, collections of scenes and short stories – but never anything that I would present as a play. When I moved into my apartment this September, I fell in love with the space on many levels. An apartment full of artists, cultural diversity, great location, no hipsters, and most of all, the architecture. I don’t know much about architecture – I read over 100 pages of Fountainhead, does that count? Anyway, I’m not technically versed in building structures or anything like that, but I knew there was something very special about this space.

The columns in the dining room frame it so nicely that it almost begs to be used as a stage, the open living room asks for people to fill it, and the long, dramatic hallway is a structural incubator for secrets and stories. At least that’s the way I see it. So, within a few weeks of living there, my roommate Noelle and I decided that we would give the apartment what it wanted.  On December 10th we are hosting an arts event appropriately titled, “The Long Hallway” at our apartment. It will consist of one short film, a live band playing some jazz-ish North African tunes, and two short plays, one of which is mine.

That’s right. I pieced together a bunch of writing I had in nameless journals and turned it into a playlet that runs about 20 minutes. It’s an intensely personal piece and I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to feel when it actually goes up in front of a bunch of people, but that’s all part of it. For me, this event is about creating the theater world I want to see. If the theater you want to see isn’t valued or perpetuated in mainstream outlets, make it yourself. It’s not a perfectly polished masterpiece, but it is an honest, well-crafted experiment in what you can do with stories, memories and people on a stage.

I hope you join me.


Shelah Marie

Playwright. Director. Artist.

PS. Here's an interview we did with HER CIRCLE Magazine about the show!

PSS. Watch some rehearsal footage!