A time for healing

One evening in the midst of a tearful conversation with my roommate about feeling judged by other Black women for posting pictures of my curvy frame on my Instagram, she gave me an idea. Why not make this conversation public? So, the next day I sat in front of my computer and made a video about why I chose to curate my online image with photos of my curves. I didn't expect anyone to watch it.


But it got a lot of attention, including being covered by ForHarriet, an online community that "celebrates the fullness of Black womanhood." They approached me and asked me to collaborate with them on  a series of Youtube videos addressing topics relevant to Black women. 

I took the opportunity to address something that I've been dealing with for years, depression. I explain how I deal with it and why Brown and Black women experience depression in a unique way.

I got a lot of comments asking about my meditation techniques that I found helpful so here they are as promised:

  1.  Metta. Metta is a mediation based around the principle of kindness. If you are in NYC, you can practice with the amazing human being who introduced me to Metta, Joshua Alafia. Otherwise, you can start with this 30-minute guided meditation which I LOVE. 
  2. Ho'ponopono. This mediation is very simple, it's comprised of these four phrases: I Love You, I'm Sorry, Forgive Me, Thank You. You can go through it step by step (starting with yourself) and go through the feelings and thoughts associated with each phrase. Another good starting place is this video which just repeats the phrases over and over, I sometimes listen to it will I practice breathing techniques. Or when I'm falling asleep I play it sometimes so it can work on my subconscious. 
  3. A Healer. I think talking to someone who is wise and has a specific body of knowledge is so helpful. My personal Healer/Life Therapist is Audrye Arbe. She's a clairvoyant who uses her gift to heal and to help you evolve. You can call her at 1-888-75-PEACE. And despite the 888 number she's not a sleazy psychic hotline scam, she's the real thing and I would only recommend her if I believed in her transformational work. 
Shelah & Audrye

Shelah & Audrye

I hope this helps. If you want more info like this stay tuned as I'll be launching my podcast: The Curvy and Curly Chronicles, and I plan on interviewing Audrye and talking about this topic a bit  more. You can subscribe to my mailing list there to stay updated.



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