the shelah marie

Encouraging healthy women from the inside out.

Shelah Marie is a fierce feminista, actress, and online personality who is invested to providing high quality performance on the stage and screen.

Committed to empowering Black women through performance, Shelah independently tours and produces original work like FLIGHT, which she performs professionally for Black History Month and Women's History Month. She also engages a strong online community through her open, dynamic and electric personality and her #curvyncurly movement. 

As an educator, Shelah uses her passion for performance as a world class educator. Shelah works as a Teaching Artist for one of the nation`s oldest and most renowned theaters for children and families, The New Victory Theater, and The Theater Development Fund

Independently, Shelah has been contracted to lead her signature The Sustainable Theater Workshop by The United Nations, The United States Embassy in Dakar, Senegal, The RuJohn Foundation and The African Burial Ground National Monument. She has led STW in Senegal, Jamaica, Haiti and at The United Nations Headquarters in NYC. 

Currently, Shelah is between Brooklyn, NY and Los Angeles creating more quality performances for the screen and stage.